Platform Panel Project - Town Map

Things to see in Hastings and St Leonards-on-Sea, a hand drawn map created by project lead artist, Yasmin Aishah, who has grown up in the town.

St Leonards on Sea

1. St Leonards Gardens is an Italianate-style garden in Tapshaw valley with a South Lodge and the former toll gate, North Lodge, plus Clock House, the gothic building overlooking the mid section of the park (buildings privately owned). Created as a seaside development built by James Burton in the 1820s, surrounding villas in Maze Hill and along the coast housed incoming residents and tourists attracted by the healthy sea air.

2. Assembly Rooms, now the Masonic Hall. The centre of social activities in the Burton era, sited behind the Victoria Hotel and Crown House, Burton’s landmark buildings. Explore more on the Burton's St Leonards Tour.

3. Marine Court is a 1930s Art Deco building designed to resemble the Curnard ocean liner, Queen Mary.

4. East Ascent and Mercatoria, the service area of Burton’s town including Lavatoria Square on the corner with Norman Road where the washerwomen lived and worked. James Burton built the first national school in 1834 (demolished). A new school was built at the top of Mercatoria in 1847 on land given by James’ son, Decimus Burton, who continued his father’s building scheme (now a Mosque).

5. Norman Road antique shops, art galleries, restaurants and cafes.

6. Banksy artwork on the beach, visible in the summer months.

7. Kings Road shopping, art, restaurants and cafes.

8. Groynes along the beach manage long shore drift. Look for stones on the beach transported from Eastbourne cliffs including banded flints and fossilised sponge in flint.

Cycle on Route 2 or walk west along the promenade to West St Leonards, Bulverhythe and on to Bexhill and Eastbourne.

Hastings Town Centre

1. Hastings Museum and Art Gallery.

2. Hastings Pier.

3. White Rock Theatre.

4. Hastings Library and Gotham Alley entrance to Rock House.

5. Observer Building and neighbour, Rock House.

6. Trinity Triangle including Robertson Street, Trinity Street and Claremont.

7. The Source Park and The Courtyard.

8. Queens Arcade where John Logie Baird sent the first television picture in 1925.

Hastings Old Town

1. St Mary-in-the Castle and Pelham Crescent.

2. Hastings Castle - take the West Hill lift up through the tunnel.

3. West Hill lift and George Street, shops, restaurants and cafes.

4. High Street, shops, art galleries and cafes.

5. Smugglers Caves.

6. Hastings History House in Courthouse Street.

7. All Saints Street.

8. The Stables Theatre.

9. Adventure Golf and Amusements.

10. The Stade and Stade Hall.

11. Hastings Contemporary.

12. RNLI Lifeboat Station.

13. Hastings Harbour Arm.

14. Shipwreck Museum.

15. Blue Reef Aquarium.

16. Fisherman’s Museum.

17. East Hill Lift - from Rock-a-Nore up to Hastings Country Park.